Average reaction time for RED: 380 ms
Average reaction time for GREEN: 426 ms
Average reaction time for BLUE: 427 ms

Test your cognitive & pattern recognition and reflexive abilities. Don't make mistakes, but be as fast as you can!

Your accuracy is calculated by the number of mistakes. If you don't mismatch any color/shape and your accuracy will be 100% your overall rating will be better, depending on how much time it took for you to complete the test.

There are 2 ways to test your brain : either by shape, or by color recognition. Have fun.
>> COLOR test
>> SHAPE test
>> COLOR test stats >> SHAPE test stats

Unfortunatly there are some problems with the flash binary on Linux, that causes the timemesurement to be very inaccurate and foul. (my guess is either the time routines for the linux plugin are bogus or the whole plugin is too slow for precise time mesurement).
I therefore apologize by all Linux users, that will not show up on the stats list until i sorted this issue.
Thanx to mitzi7 for this hint.

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